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SAFE LINE CONSULTANCY, INC. : BWC-DOLE Accred. Safety Training, Consulting & Testing Organization

Trainings and Services Offered

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Trainings and Services Offered:

Basic Occupational Safety and Health Course

              (DOLE-BWC Prescribed Course-40 Hrs)                          

Design/Preparation of Safety Programs

Evaluate and Recommends Company’s Safety Needs Training Needs Analysis     

              for Employees

Safety Program Evaluation/Audit Course (40-Hrs)                

Loss Control Management Course (40 Hrs)                              

Job Hazard Analysis

Equipment Safety, Operation and Maint. Course (Specific Equipment -16Hrs)                    

 Design Fire Protection System

Overhead Crane Inspection and Load Test (Mobile-16 hrs)

Thorough Inspection of Crane

General/Technical Safety Inspection         

Forklift Safety, Operation and Maint. Course (16 Hrs)          

Third Party Inspection

Overhead Crane Safety, Operation and Maint. Course          

Safety Evaluation/Audit

Trainer’s Training                                                                           

Scaffolding Safety

Zero Accident Program (16 Hrs)                                                  

Design/Prepare Emergency Preparedness Program

Safety Evaluation / Orientation                                                    

 Design/Prepare Fleet Safety Program

Job Hazard Analysis Course (16 Hrs)                                         

Design/Prepare Port Safety and Security Program

Safety Program Preparation Course                                          

Mechanical Consultancy Services (By: Professional Mechanical Engineer – PME)

Fleet Safety Program Preparation Course                                                        

Emergency Preparedness Program Preparation Course      

Heavy Equipment Roadworthiness Certification   

Design / Prepare FALAR 1, 2, & 3 (By: BFP Accred. Fire Safety Consultant)     

Defensive Driving Course (16 Hrs)                                              

HEO Skill Certification (By: TESDA Accred. Assessor)

S.A.F.E Program                                                                               

Other Trainings, as may be requested                         



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Poblacion 1, Bauan, Batangas
(2nd Floor Sandoval Bldg. - Across Bauan Fire Station)